My First Period Care Package
  • My First Period Care Package


    A gentle, educational package for those expecting their first periods.


    • A selection of pads, tampons and panty liners to see what best suits you, using products that are friendly for the environment, your wallet and your vaginal health.
    • MAGNESIUM OIL for tummy cramps and hormone balance
    • HOMEMADE natural soap
    • optional LIDIA RUSSO PERIOD POUCH to keep your products in one place
    • Product Details

      What's included?

      • x4 pads (x2 M, x2 H)
      • x3 applicator tampons (x1 VL, x1 L, x1 M)
      • x3 naked tampons (x1 L, x1 M, x1 H)
      • magnesium body oil
      • handmade natural soap
      • optional organic cotton period pouch

      Period Products Provided by &SISTERS

    PriceFrom £7.00